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Kettletown SP Challenge 5/10/20/30/50 k

Trail 2 Trail Series

2017 Kettletown State Park Challenge



May 20, 2017


Check in time 8:00-8:45AM



NEW FOR 2017:

  1. 30K option.   For those who want to go beyond 20k but not yet ready for an ultra, we offer the 30k option.
  2. New Start time. 9:00AM   We figured you can use the extra time in the morning to get ready and travel.  We may have the 50k runners start 5-10min before the mass start..  This will allow 50k participants to avoid the bottleneck that can happen at the beginning of a mass start.

This is the fifth year running as Trail 2 Trail Series and are happy to bring to you many challenging, rewarding, and memorable events.  We strive to stick by our logo, “We don’t do easy”, and continue to search and explore many other trails in anticipation of future races.

The Kettletown State Park event is one of our favorites.  It is a T2T series flagship event.  The parks terrain is demanding, physically and visibly stimulating, that will leave you feeling accomplished and proud no mater what distance you complete.

Training and preparing for this event should not be taken lightly.   Many have underestimated its challenge, however, you do not need to shy away if unsure about signing up.  Their are several distances to choose from where the cutoff is generous for the lower distances.  It is a good hike for the beginner but intense for the seasoned trail runner.  Choose your distance wisely;  One that will push and will challenge your mind, body and soul.

Don’t forget your fans!!  The Park is great for families and friends.  They are awarded with the picturesque views of the beach where the Start/Finish is staged; an easy place cheer you on as you complete your loop(s).



Register for the T2T Kettletown State Park Challenge





Please keep in mind that we are guests at Kettletown State Park. We respect the park rules, regulations and specific details regarding the operations jointly agreed upon between Trail 2 Trial Series, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and the Park & Recreation Supervisor. We expect and require all participants to follow all park rules and regulations, Trail 2 Trail series rules and regulations, and the trail/park environment in its entirety (which we know you all will have no problem following).

The generalized rules from Trail 2 Trail Series are titled under “RACE RULES” (below).







(10K Loop for 10k/20k/30k/50k)

KSP runner


The race rules include but are not limited to the following:

1) Stay on the trail. Stay on the designated marked route. The course will be well marked with flags and marking tape. Some of the trails will go through protected wildlife areas and we do ask that you stay on the trail to avoid harming these sensitive areas.

2) Be courteous to other trail runners and hikers on the trail. -be patient when you are part of a conga line on crowded racing trails. -Slow runners yield to faster runners. -If you would like to pass a runner, give a courteous and audible announcement well in advance of your presence and intention to pass stating something like “on your left” or “trail” as you approach the trail users. -Show respect when passing, by slowing down or stopping if necessary to prevent accidental contact. -Be ready to yield to all other trail users (bikers, hikers, horses, ect.) even if you have the posted right of way. -Uphill runners yield to downhill runners in most situations.

3) Don’t Litter -Runners are encouraged to bring a hydration bag, belt, or bottle. – Disposable cups will be available at each aide station. Kindly dispose of the cup in the trash bins at the aide station before proceeding on your run. -Pack out everything you started the race with. Food leftovers should not be thrown on the course, they should be kept with the runner until they reach the next aide station, disposal area, or finish line.

4) Safety – be familiar with your route. You are expected to negotiate many rocks, roots, hills, possibly some climbs and get your feet wet. The technical nature of the trail will mean that you will be exposed to the risk of injury. All participants must be prepared to accept full responsibility for these risks. – be prepared for the weather and conditions prevailing – No headphones or iPods. – Know and respect your limits. – Each runner is strongly advised to carry a fully charged cell phone with the race director’s number, a fellow runner number, or some other contact that may be at the race venue for safety and emergency use. -If part of the route crosses a road, you are to yield to any vehicles before proceeding to cross the road. -No crew/pacers/spectators on the route. Crew or spectators are allowed at designated areas.

5) Leave what you find -Leave natural or historic objects as you find them, this includes wildflowers and native grasses. -Removing or collecting trail markers is serious vandalism that puts others at risk.

6) Bandit Runners -Trail 2 Trail Series does not condone bandit runners. Not only are bandits a serious safety and liability concern for the race directors. There are limits in the races set forth by permit. Bandits can jeopardize the issuance of future permits. -Participants are not allowed to run with dog(s) during the event.

Trail 2 Trail Series requires participants to follow all race rules.

Those who do not follow the rules are at risk for disqualification.

What if I am dropping out?

If you are dropping out before distance you are registered for, you must let the Trail 2 Trail series staff members know you have dropped out from your registered distance. This will help to avoid an unnecessary search party and to confirm that you would like to be listed under a different race category if you finished at least one loop.

Those who have not finished their registered distance will be given a designation on the race results as DNF (“Did Not Finish).


KSP park entrance

Each race will begin at the same start time: 9:00 AM.

50k runners may start 5-10 min before the mass start.

The Start and Finish is at the same location: the beach area within the park.

Follow the signs to the beach (just after you enter the park, you come to the first fork….image (7)(left is the camping area, right follows to the beach)… bare right and follow down to a second fork. At the second fork, turning left will bring you down to the beach region. You can park anywhere before the beach-start area. Their is plenty of parking but please arrive within a reasonable time to find your parking spot, walk down to the start-finish area for check-in, and to allow yourself enough time to get yourself ready for start time.


Please thank all the volunteers. They are taking their time out to help make your experience a safe and enjoyable one.

If anyone knows or are interested in volunteering at the Kettletown State Park event, please Sign up here:             VOLUNTEER SIGN UP CLICK HERE


Any who volunteer is granted credit toward future races.


Check-in will begin at 8:00 AM. This will be at the Start/Finish area at the beach. We encourage you to check in at or before 8:30 AM  to avoid late crowds at check-in so it does not delay start time.


KSP beach

Race Day Registration:

We encourage registration via on-line. If for some reason you were unable to register on-line, we will only accept checks (made out to Trail 2 Trail Racing LLC). Cash exchange is otherwise not allowed on the premise. We have extended the online registration end time to try to include those who are late participant registrants. It does help the race directors and staff greatly if you register early, since their is a lot of last minute logistics that go on within the last few days before race day.





The race configuration allows for you to pass through the Start/Finish once every 5k or 10k loop. Therefore allowing aid every 2 to 4 miles. The 20k, 30k and 50k distances are allowed to use drop bags at the start/finish region.

The main aid station will consist of the following: Water, Fuel 100 Electro-Bites, Bananas and Oranges, Hammer Nutrition gels, HEED electrolyte drink, and Endurolyte supplements. Their will be another unmanned aid station that will consist of water.

We encourage that you bring a handheld water bottle, or the like, to keep it ‘green’, although cups will be available.


fuel 100 KSPaid station1


The route will be marked with orange flags and marking tape: Orange flags will always be on the LEFT side of the trail unless you are at a turn. At turns, the flags will ‘hug’ around the corner of a turn adjacent to the side you will be turning: Multiple consecutive flags before the turn, following around the corner of the turn, and immediately leading after a turn; After a turn the flags will be back to the left side, until you come up to another turn. In other words, all flags will be on your LEFT side until there are flags marking a RIGHT turn. Therefore if you do get lost, once you come back to the marked trail, always make sure you are traveling in the direction so that the flags are on your LEFT (and then you will be headed in the correct direction).

Please follow the signs that mark separate directions for the 5k, 10k loop.

Please study the map before race day. We expect the route to be marked well. Unfortunately at some races their can be race-vandals who like to steal or change signs (we double check the signs on race day; but as a trail runner, it is best to be prepared by studying the route).

All participants must have their bib numbers visible at the finish line so we can mark your finish time.

If you drop out…please notify the staff (so we know you have not gone missing).


Each runner will receive a race packet with some goodies that you may find enjoyable.

Those who registered by April 14th will see a Trail 2 Trail Series 2-toned tech shirt included in their race packet with their selected size that was selected during their registration. If you happen to miss out in the opportunity to receive one, you can simply register for any of our future races (prior to one month before race day) that include the shirt.

                image (9)image (15)

50k finishers (guaranteed if your register by April 14th) receive a Trail 2 Trail Series Quarter Zip long sleeve performance shirt (the one with thumb holes) that you can use for training on those colder days.



The cut off for the 5k, 10k, 20k and 30k is 02:00PM

For the 50k: the cut off for the 4th loop is 3:30PM

Cut off for the 50k race is 5:00 PM.

Participants are unable to continue on subsequent intervals if they do not make the cut off time. Please note: we reserve the right to pull anyone from the race if we believe they are at risk for injury to themselves or others.

Please Notify staff if you do not finish the race (see race rules).

Trail 2 Trail Kettletown State Park Challenge 20k is part of the

USATF-CT Mountain Trail Ultra Challenge



The Kettletown and Chatfield State Park races are part of the

2017 Trail Runner Magazines Trophy Series



image (5)

Road ID


SNB - 2inch - Event Online Advertising - Front-2

You will run among many fellow trail runners of varying experiences and fitness levels. Everyone has their own purpose for running. Some racing against other runners as a single event, for the whole string of T2T series events, nationally or internationally to gain points for the Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series event, and/or racing against yourself – competing for that predetermined personal goal you have set out in anticipation leading up to the event. For what ever reason brought you to the race, most importantly you are part of a trail running community that in known for its camaraderie, reaching similar goals of personal achievement and trailrunner fellowship.

t2t series postcard front (1)

t2t series postcard back

Lost Words Racing

‘Connecticut just so happens to be a great location for trail races being centrally located and within driving distance of large populated cities within multiple states.

More than 800 miles of trails and Trail 2 Trail Series happens to put on competitive trail and endurance racing utilizing these trails. It attracts participants from the Greater New York, Boston and Philadelphia area as well as multiple distant states and internationally.

It has a reputation that lives up to it’s slogan “We Don’t Do Easy” since not only does it traverse fast and enjoyable winding trails, there are challenging steep climbs with 1000 ft elevations winding through routes along riverside trails and high cliffs where many have underestimated its challenge. Many have run these races and sworn them better than any man-made obstacle course and there are certainly some dedicated Trail 2 Trail veterans who return year after year, always looking forward to the next race or new location.

This series gets better and bigger each year, attracting runners from further afield and creating routes that both challenge and inspire. It has slowly evolved into one of Connecticut’s most challenging set of races in any sport and has transformed into a fantastic growing community of both alumni trail runners and newly minted trail runners who get hooked on the trail each season.

The race directors look forward in putting on such challenging races as they are continually scouting new trail systems in hope to one day include them to the series.’

KSP dan ksp tim

ATRA Label


Trail 2 Trail Racing LLC


6 thoughts on “Kettletown SP Challenge 5/10/20/30/50 k Leave a comment

  1. Looking at the published map of the 10k, it only adds up to 5.85 miles. What am I missing ?

  2. hi , i am curious about this years race standings, since its probably going to be cancelled i wondered if the credit from 2018 race will be extended to next years even? it says my credit expires this may but i dont want to register knowing the race likely wont be held this year?

    • Hi Marta.
      We have not yet officially announced since we were holding to see how things would go. We will extend the credit for the 2018 event. Thanks for asking.
      -Tom @t2t

  3. When will you know the status of the 2020 race? Given it is about a month away, we need to know for training purposes.

    Thank you

    • Hi Justin,
      The state has just notified us yesterday that we are unable to go ahead with the event due to covid-19.
      We will send an email out no later than tomorrow to make it official.

      Thanks for inquiring,

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